EV maker Rivian reveals pricing, details for electric pickup, SUV

Electric vehicle startup Rivian on Wednesday revealed pricing and product details for its electric pickup truck and SUV, with deliveries for both EVs scheduled for next year.

The launch editions of the electric R1T pickup and R1S SUV were priced at $75,000 and $77,500, with a 300 mile driving range on both vehicles. (bit.ly/36w1F8G)

Rivian has had pre-orders open for the vehicles since November 2018.

Rivian, which is backed by Amazon.com Inc and Ford Motor, said U.S. deliveries for R1T would start in June 2021, while the R1S deliveries would begin in August.

Pre-order holders will get early access on Nov. 16 to configure their vehicle color, battery range as well as wheels and tires.

Rivian is building EV delivery vans for Amazon, which has ordered 100,000 vans from the startup, while Ford invested $500 million in April with plans to use the Rivian EV platform to build a new vehicle in North America.